Saturday, January 9, 2010


Dragging my feet about going back to making jewelry. Not sure exactly why, but I do have some theories.

1. I really like having my home in order and I didn't get to finish everything I had wanted to do to it.
2. Many things I might want to make are a bit beyond my skill level and that means pain and suffering as I try to improve my abilities.
3. My eyes seem to be getting worse and they quickly blur and strain as I work with the wire:(
4. I'm indecisive about what direction I want to go in with jewelry. Do I want to make easy relaxing things? Or challenging things? Do I want to make money? Or do I want to make art? These questions come to mind only when I make jewelry.

I was asked to make some pink earrings for a friend. I got these done this morning. Raspberry jade and rhodochrosite.

I played around with fusing fine silver wire and made these lumpy jump rings:) They look awful I know, but I was really happy with the results because this is the first time I have ever been able to fuse fine silver with out destroying it. They definitely made me smile;)


  1. Sorry to hear you're so blue...
    The earrings are stunning to be honest, and learning a new skill always feels great doesn't it

    There is nothing wrong with needing a break from your arty passion from time to time, it helps you get inspired again

    Take care

  2. Hi Mary,

    Just have faith in what you do... Your works are AMAZING!!



  3. Hi Mary,
    I LOVE how you used the spacer above the brio on your pink earrings! They are darling! My fused rings are always lumpy-so that's where I start the wrapping usually!
    Take Care-
    Angie S

  4. Thank all for your words. You cheer me!

  5. I really love those earrings!!! It's awful to have to choose between money and art, maybe it's best to make money first and then art later, but it's always so hard to leave behind passion and creativity. I suppose, as with many things, it's probably got something to do with balance...