Friday, May 21, 2010

I Pronouce Thee - Perfect!

Another woven silver box - I'm so pleased with the construction! The spirals are perfectly mated to each other and sit flush to each other. It is hard to tell where the lid starts and the lower half ends. It perfectly mates all 360 degrees, and for some reason that is very important to me! The clasp on this one has an exceptional fit also:)


  1. Oh wow!!! This is soooo lovely!!! And adding those tiny stones makes it even more lovely!!! I just love the latches and hinges you make!!

    I wrote a reply to you in your post below about the tutorial, and the internet ate it up when I tried to post it. lol. So I was saying that I know that Eni and Iza have taught those kinds of weavings...but then many people have made tutorials using that kind of weaving. Your box is so unique! No one has made anything like that...and that kind of hinge or latch! If you have learned that style of weaving from Iza and Eni, then you could give credit to them in your tutorial saying you learned that style of weaving from them, and then you won't be stepping on any toes. Your tutorial is about your box...not about the weaving style. And yes, you will teach that weaving style in your tutorial, because it is used in your box. If you still feel uncomfortable, then maybe you could email them and ask them if you can make a tutorial for this box using their weaving style, and that you will give them credit..and if its ok with them? I'm sure they'll have no problems! In fact, if you see jewelry lessons...Eni's'll see that some people have taught Eni's pieces in their tutorials!! Not just the weaving style...but some pieces are exactly her pieces. I am sure they must have asked her, and she must have given them permission because I guess she is too busy to make more tutorials? I don't know. I was actually surprised to see them. But since it is Eni's site, and all tutorials have to be passed by her, I guess she had no problems. That's so nice of her...isn't it?

  2. I hate when my comments get lost on other poeples blogs:) Sorry you had to rewrite it! hehe

    I decided I will write a tute for this, and I will use the basketweave technique. The coiling technique has been around for milennia anyway, and I can still give credit to Eni.

    I agree that Eni is very generous person, so kind to help others to succeed!

    Now it is a matter of 'when' :)

  3. I'm so glad you will write it! The basket weaving/coiling is something that really has been around forever. Actually I had learned it from a basket weaving book. Not from Eni, and I have learned a LOT from Eni! For a while I was just crazy about everything she made...and I have bought so many tuts from her! LOL! I could just forget about time...staring at her beautiful work. And yet, this kind of basket weaving, coiling is something I have learned from basket weaving books. I sat in Barnes and Nobles looking through books on knots and basket weaving to figure out some "new" ways to work my wire. After I came home enthusiastically after discovering this technique, I looked on the internet and saw so many had already used it in their wire work! LOLOLOL!! So much for my trying to discover a "new" way of working my wire.

    I need to make something that is a cross between this kind of a box and the locket you made. When I had first seen your locket and fell in love with it, I had wanted to make it with all of it coiled and with stones added (I am nuts about stones). It is for a gift for someone missing her sweetheart. Inside I plan to keep a ring, etched with a message from her sweetheart. I hope I'm able to etch well, and make the locket well! :-)) The 16 gauge copper wire is here, but I need to finish some orders...

  4. Oh and I wanted to add...complete credit will be given to you when I make this, with links to your blog :-))).

  5. I think it will be beautiful!
    If I was to weave the entire locket, I woudl not construct it in the same fashion as the tute I wrote. I would not make the spiral first and than weave it.

    On these boxes I make the spiral as I weave it, and use a mold to shape it. Or you could just use your fingers to shape it slightly rounded, like a basket maker would

  6. Yes...I had learned that the hard way a few months back, and had wasted a lot of wire. lol. So this time when I work on it, I'll use copper...besides, I have learned from your pieces that copper looks glorious when finished right. I so want to work on this locket...been drooling over it ever since I saw it on your blog. My wire magazine subscription had finished and I had not renewed it for a while. So I had to go and order a back issue from their site, just so I could get your tutorial. lol. But I need to wait till I complete at least a few orders.

  7. You had told me that you used Silver Black. That was my main oxidizing agent for a long time also. Silver Black won't put the lovely finish on the copper that you like, it is the LOS that is doing that!

    If you don't want to purchase LOS, the egg method might be worth trying.

  8. LOL...yes I had tried using silver black on a copper pendant once...big failure. Now I use silver black only for silver. I have LOS. And that is what I will use for copper. I wonder if there is a way to seal in the LOS finish once you get the look you want. For example, I look at your pieces, and they look gorgeous...amazing finish. But it will be a pity if it tarnishes more and that look is gone. And then cleaning it will remove all the color and shades.

  9. Very neat, and definitely a beauty!