Saturday, May 8, 2010


I have been feeling rather lost the last six weeks. I haven't felt inspired by anything or had any sense of direction design wise. So I spent the time practicing new techniques, and forcing myself along the wire path.

This week I suddenly remembered where I was before I got lost. I remembered why I love wire. I remembered myself.

I knew that what I wanted to do would be time consuming and possibly frustrating, so I waited until Saturday before I even attempted it.

During the work week I have been trying to fit exercise into my life and take time to eat right and play. All those good things cut into the wire time during the work week.

I'm so happy with this project. Many past projects and efforts have brought me to the point where I could make this trinket today. I call this little guy Nut. He is just about the size of a Brazil Nut!

Or maybe he is a seed of of things to come for me? hehe

He is just big enough to hold some baby teeth, lock of hair, or string, or a ring, or pebble, or some tiny precious something!

Before I actually attempted this project I did an experimental prototype first. That way I can test out ideas, or catch potential errors, or use it for measurements when I do the real thing. Here is a picture of the prototype in case you're interested.


  1. I love it. Not only is it beautiful work, but it appeals to my love of miniatures.

  2. Mary, that is gorgeous! I had always wanted to figure out how to make little wire lockets, and had in my mind thought of basket weaving techniques too...but couldn't figure out the hinge or the clasp. And then I saw your awesome tutorial...thanks! I am waiting for the right gauge copper wires to arrive so I can make it. And now this lovely nut! I hope you'll consider making a tut for this too....such an awesome piece and the clasp is soooooo sweet!!

  3. Nancy , Thank you and I <3 miniatures too!

    Swati, I just came up with a better way to hold pictures in the spiral locket. I plan to make a post about it in the next week. The new method is a bit more elegant and you might prefer it. So check back soon
    Your message got me all excited about tutes!! lol

  4. Oh I will surely come back and look for the new instructions. And you should be excited about your tutorials...because you should be excited about your work...your work is amazing!! :-)))) You are one of my favorite wire artists. I love everything you make. Oh I just got my wire supplies from Rio...I had ordered the copper wire specifically to make the locket, but for some reason I ordered 14 gauge copper wire instead of the 16 gauge!! Now I'll have to re-order and wait again. LOL!