Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Rewrapped Silver Trinket Box

Here is the new rewrapped version of the silver trinket box. I love, love, love the new wrap! I think it looks hugely improved!

But.. I now know why my first wrap didn't work. It turns out these spiral frames are asymmetrical. The box and lid don't quite sit flush to each other as they should. My picture doesn't quite show this fact, because I took the picture using the best angle;)

I should know better than to make that mistake, since I have written a whole blog post about spiral geometry.

Despite the fact that I have another flawed trinket box on my hands (some of you are probably rolling your eyes at me for saying that), I am thrilled with what I have accomplished so far. These boxes are not easy to make and I'm very pleased with myself:)

I know some friends of mind might like to purchase this box even in it's flawed condition, and some family members would also enjoy having it, so I won't trash this one.

I am hoping my perfectionist efforts here will move me forward into making some really beautiful things in the future. I have a lot of ideas I want to bring to these boxes and I want to build on a rock solid foundation. The drive for improvement can also be a stumbling block and a discouragement from creativity. The hard thing is having the wisdom to know when to listen to the criticism, and when to shut it down. Right now, I'm glad I listened.


  1. It looks great Mary! :-) And you are right, these boxes will be bought easily because they are really pretty, and the faults you can see in them...I think only you can see them because you know about them.

    I'm hoping you will make tutorials for this kind of hinges and the latch. They are suuuuper cool. And I love your pins too. Any plans of making tutorials for those?

  2. Well, you are the second person today to ask me about making a tute for these boxes. I told the person over at Jewelry Lessons, that I was reluctant to make a tute because Eni Oken has a tute for basket weaving, (though my tute for Step x Step Wire magazien does teach basket weaving) and Iza Malzyck has the tute to make a cone shaped bead cap with the sort of weave like I used here.

    So what should I do? I don't want to step on their toes and write another tute they have already written on.

    Do you think I could write a tute for just the hinge and the latch and let people choose their one weaving options and leave that part out?

    I could use some advice.

    Since every pin in unique, how should I write a tute for that? Or which pin should I use to write the tute on?

    I would write one, but I am held back by these concerns.

    Could use more advice;)

  3. Wonderful work Mary! Meticulously wrapped to perfection!