Friday, May 28, 2010

My Own Path

Color has never been one of my design strengths, but I keep thinking that my designs could really sing if I could improve in this area. This necklace is my first attempt to take color seriously and bring it in as a design element.

This last month I have been singularly focused on perfecting the construction and technique in the creation of the trinket boxes. As I have been working on them, a greater design vision has emerged. This necklace is my attempt to bring that greater vision to life.

This project has satisfied my soul in a unique and deep way. Merging my love of woven architectural structures along with a whole design point of view, and not leaving color neglected, is like eating a whole meal. Meat, veggies and dessert all in one. I am well fed.

I feel I have stumbled upon my own path here, and it feels so right!

The necklace is meant to be worn, either long, or doubled.

Copper wire and components, peruvian opal, jasper, peitersite, agate


  1. This is so gorgeous, I really love your work!

  2. Thank you so much! Your comment means alot to me:)

  3. Your work is just stunning! I'm so in love with this necklace....!!!!! really really gorgeous!!!

  4. Liz, Thank you so much! I'm really excited that I have finally got to the point I can make something like this. I'm happy for your comments!

  5. Hi again, Mary! Hope you don't think I'm stalking you (or rather this piece). ;-) Just a reminder that you can send it to me for checking over. I mean after you made this & feel well-fed, you might want some of us others to feel fed too.

    All kidding aside, I keep coming back to look at this over & over (at JL) & marvelling at its intricacies. Really, I'm in total awe at your work AND you're so modest & assuming in all your commments on JL too!

    Is there a tutorial at JL that explains & teaches how to do weaving like this? Not exactly the same piece as yours but something that teaches how to make this basketwork look weave.


  6. We both know what you are really stalking Jude;) heehee
    It's really an enormous compliment that you would come to my blog and stalk this!
    It is my deepest desire to make jewelry that will excite people, peak their interest, intrigue them, and make them come back for more.
    One day I hope all my designs will be this exciting!

    Eni has a tutorial for this weave here.

    I also wrote a tutorial for Step by Step Wire, Feb/Mar 2010 issue, that includes this weave if you happen to have that one laying about.

    You know you can always ask me for help if you need it.

  7. This is very impressive Mary! Love love love what you are doing here! :)

  8. That is spectacular! I admire your perserverance in pursuing perfection (that was a lot of alliteration LOL). Seriously, I do, because I'm one of those folks who has a short attention span.

  9. Mary, you are getting more and more awesome with this technique! :-)) I wanted to tell you that I finally made my copper locket today following your tutorial. Yayyy!! I'm wearing it now. I love it! I have given links to your blog and to your Etsy shop there. Here it is:

  10. Nancy, I think you have made us a beautiful acronym, from now on known as the 3P's lol.

    Swati, let me say again. I was really impressed with your locket. I hope everyone goes over to see it. You clearly have the skills necessary to bring that tute to life!!

    Maggie, Hugs:)))

  11. So happy you liked what I made Mary! You know how much I like the design, and especially went and and ordered the back issue of the magazine to get the tute :-). I really want to make these new kind of hinges and clutches you make in these boxes too. Will you be doing a tute anytime soon? :-)))

  12. Well, I have been asked a million times about doing a tute, on just about every website that has this necklace on it:)
    So I think yes, I will, but I do dread it. It would be even more complex to write about than the locket.

    Can I ask you something? Why do you think people want a tute? Isn't it obvious what I did? Do you think they really just want permission to do it? Or do they really need instruction?

    Cuz I do dread writing tutes, since I am a perfectionist, and also I can't weave and design when making tutes:((( cry

    Also, you would have no trouble making these boxes Swati, you have really shown your ability with this weave!

  13. Why do people ask for tutes? Both the the reasons are true have the permission, and also to have the instructions. Yes, some wire artists will eventually figure out how to do it. But seriously, it gets a LOT easier with the instructions! Don't underestimate your designs, your skills and what you do. It might look very obvious to you, but will not be so simple for others :-))). For me, the weaving is not the tough part. The gauges, the measurements...for me they are the tough part. I have never done hinges and clutches like these...they are soooo awesome. So yes, a tutorial will make it so much easier to do. Right now it is a daunting task for me to think of figuring it out. And then there are many many wire artists who have not done this kind of work, so for them, tutes are God-sent! However, I do hear you on how painful it is to write them. I wrote only 1, and it was so majorly painful that I never want to do it again. :-P. I thought it was only me. Didn't know others found it painful too. But if you find it as painful as I do, then I will not ask you to make tutes. LOL! I really really hate making tutes! :-)))

  14. Swati, thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts. It's quite hard to get feedback on the internet on some topics, and I just appreciate so much hearing what you think about this.

    I am somewhat inclined to at least make one tute that is not for a magazine. But I am dragging my feet, and June is obviously too buys of a month to do it:)

    These boxes require quite a lot of custom fitting. That means the tute would not be as cut and dried as the Spiral Locket. I use a mold to shape them, and not everyone will have the exact same mold available to them.

    It's so much easier to write a tute where all the steps are linear. In this case, people will have to think, using what I teach them.

    Swati, the locket you made shows more thought that you give yourself credit for:)

    Thanks again for answeering my question!

  15. Just purely love this piece...and although I don't do wire work it seems absoultely magical to me!