Thursday, June 24, 2010

Suzy's Basket

My Mom has a basket making friend named Suzy who shares knowledge and friendship with her. And my Mom shares knowledge with me.

Suzy has a collection of miniature baskets and I felt like adding to her collection so I made this little coiled basket as a gift for her.

It's only an 1.5" high by 1" wide, Really cute!!

I'm still adjusting to my life having my daughter home. It's hard to focus on jewelry right now. The living arrangements are working out very well so far. We pick up after each other and since we both do it, the house stays pretty clean. My daughter cooks us healthy food and grocery shops and I love that!

But it is a bit distracting having someone else in the house. We haven't found our routine yet.


  1. This is so lovely!! I wish I could make this!! You know...I've been struggling, trying to make a bottle with this technique. LOL...still haven't made it. And you make it with such ease! Lucky Suzy!!! :-))) Does Suzy have a website so I can see her baskets? I love baskets.

    And your daughter is so awesome to do all that :-))).

  2. It's adorable! I used to build miniatures in a previous life so the tiny size of it really appeals to me.

  3. I love both the size and the pearl on's hard living with an adult child, the relationship changes and the cosiness of a small house can make it more challenging until you both carve out your own spaces and get comfy!

  4. This is so beautiful and lovely, great work!!

  5. Rita, thank you! I'm glad you visited the blog:)