Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Buried Treasure Necklace

This entire necklace came about because of the carved bone skull bead. I decided I needed a treasure map to go with it.

Than I decided to make an Lynne Merchant style octopus bead to go with them.

Than I pulled out my vintage beads to add more unique items, like bakelite and purple crystals to go with the carved jade and amethyst and peitersite.

Than I pulled out my box of old components to complete it, some of them are as old as 5 years.

Very tricky to assemble something like this in an attractive manner, but I finally got it.

The octopus bead is something I have wanted to make for years and only just now did. I enjoyed it so much! I already have plans to do another using more of my vintage beads that I haven't used in years.


  1. Mary, Amazing how you can pull together components and come up with a totally awesome necklace! I love how everything works together. The octopus beads are very cool and I can see they have a lot of potential in different pieces. You have completed a treasure! Christine

  2. This is an amazing much visual terrain...i love the octopus bead as well as the purples and golds used in creating this...the wire elements all seem to blend beautifully.....lovely work of art!

  3. Christine and Dala, thank you so much! It was definitely a challenge to make the various components work together;)

  4. oh wow Mary, I just love this...everything about it and all the that skull....but my favourite piece is the open style baubble with the coils and purple beads on the left side of the necklace...that is just lovely....

  5. LOVE the necklace. I really like this kind of necklaces where different kinds of pieces are put together in such harmony.

  6. Okaaayyy....Fira Marine. I was shocked to see my name as "Fira Marine". Its me, Swati. I think that was my daughter's account. Not sure. Will have to ask her. lol.

  7. The envy of every treasure hunter ;)