Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Tangle

  I'm still not feeling very enthusiastic about wire. I did submit some work to a juried website last week and got rejected. This only deepened my lack of enthusiasm:(

  I do trust that my excitement and interest will return in time if I am patient about it.

  I have seen some wire artists over the years abandon wire for metalsmithing. It's not like wire workers have any where to go to get advanced teaching and personal one and one training at the level you are at. There is just nothing like that out there for us.

  It can be tempting to ditch wire when it gets tough or you struggle to bring your ideas into reality and have noone to help you.

  I'm not ready to ditch wire yet.


  1. Hey Mary, This bowl is enchanting. It looks as if it were left out in the forest and the vines are slowly entwining themselves trying to overtake the bowl.

    Rejection is tough. I feel your work is so outstanding, if you were rejected who are they accepting? Maybe the Universe is saying it wasn't the right place?? I don't know but understand it is painful.

    Some times stepping back, going to nature, galleries or museums can help stimulate the muse. I know it is within you to push through to the next level. Be gentle with yourself.

  2. Christine, thank you for your comments! This wood roots theme is a continuation of the idea inspired by the trinket box with green wire!

    I've always had a thing for tree roots:)

  3. Please, don't you ever, ever, EVER ditch wire! Your art is so inspiring. Every time I see it, I want to run home and straight to my table.
    I'm surprised at the jury issue, and like Christine said - who were they accepting?
    The metalsmithing thing is so very true, even I am guilty of it. However, since the class I took sucked, I only learned enough to be dangerous and will never abandon wire

  4. Dear Mary,
    NEVER, ever take rejection as like your work is not good enough. Believe me, I have been rejected A LOT, and at the beginning it made me feel insecure about what I was doing. I sometimes questioned myself if it was worth it to keep on going.
    Now, I see things in a different way and always keep my head up no mater how many rejections I get. Keep in trying my talented friend, your work is phenomenal and even though some doors may closed , there are A LOT of doors waiting for you to be open.
    Kisses and all my love to you !!

  5. Lorena,

    I know your words are wise and correct. But all that wisdom could not stop this particular rejection from affecting me deeply this past week and causing me to question myself as you noted.
    However the kind words of others, and most particularly yourself, has really helped me to feel stronger and like I can pick myself up and brush the dust off from the fall and get back at it.
    My heart is strengthened for the fight:)

    It was always my deepest wish to do work that left people feeling inspired and interested. You have seen so much wire work over the years, that to inspire you is a great accomplishment!!
    The juried website excepts people from all types of crafting related genres. However they do have high standards and want professional work. That's what I like about it.
    I wish there were more juried websites out there and I do support efforts to jury. I don't want to say more than that because I don't want to complain or gossip or undermine any websites efforts to jury. MY intent in mentioning it was only to express my own recent experience.
    It hurt like heck, because I think it was not handled well and I was left with the impression that there was no value found in my work at all. There was only confusing negatives, like generic work, not professional. Quality not up to our standards. It appeared that I bored them! lol
    That was MY experience of it, but maybe not how they see it.

  6. Mary,
    I just want to remind you that one of Walter Disney's teachers once said that he lacked imagination and would never amount to anything. This is WALT DISNEY that she said that about. Little Walter sure as heck showed her that she doesn't know what she's talking about! He went on to completely surpass her and become wildly rich and famous thanks to his outstanding imagination - one which has captivated all of us and generations of children since. Walter Disney has accomplished a sort of immortality through his work ... his imagination was so fanastic that it will touch the hearts, minds and imaginations of generations yet to come.

    This is not the only story like this out there. There are many to be told, but this one really drives home the point that you cannot let others define you or place limitations on you through their critiques. Had Walt let that old bat cut to the core of his beliefs about his own talents we might not have the imagination kingdom that he brought to us - worse still, our children might not have it. I don't know about you, but with three young children under foot there is something 'Disney' in our house on a daily basis. I can't turn around without seeing the Little Mermaid, Snow White, Cinderella, or some other figure from a Disney classic.

    Just because 'they' have no appreciation for your abilities doesn't mean there isn't a wide audience who appreciates your gifts - and it certainly doesn't mean you're not gifted! Here we are, your adoring audience, and we are happy to tell you that you are very gifted and that we draw inspiration from your work on a regular basis.

  7. Delia,

    If only everyone could see me like my adoring audience does! lol

    I am so truly blessed! I have the most wonderful blog, flickr and facebook friends. The most kind, compassionate and generous people are in my networks, and I wouldn't trade any of that in for a word of approval from the 'establishment' (though that would have been nice too).

    I'm starting to actually not mind it anymore, because as you have pointed out, I do have all that you mentioned;)

  8. Hi Mary,

    As being an artist myself for years, i come truly understand one thing, we can never will satisfied everybody and we don't need others approval to say that our arts are great as we have our own 'supporters' that truly love and appreciate the jewelry we made.

    As for the metalsmithing part, learning certain techniques such as soldering, annealing and cold connection does give me more ideas from time to time. It doesn't mean you have to ditch wire but the combo (wire and smithing) are just open another door for you to learn more about metals properties.

  9. Emi, I wish I could have taken the beginning metalsmith class you gave recently. I would have learned alot and it would have been so much fun!

  10. Your works are absolutely amazing Mary. I've seen how your wire-work evolved into more complex and elaborate designs during the years and it proves one thing to me... that you are truly gifted and talented not to mention friendly and caring. So don't ever give up by those few rejections. You still have load of fans out there who loves your work!

    peace & love,

  11. (((Maggie))) This last year has been something growth wise right? hehe

    I hope the next year brings just as much for us both!

  12. Mary, you scare me! Please, don't ever, ever, ever give up on wirework. Your work IS inspiring and professional and beautiful - and definitely not boring, not one bit!

    I know how rejection hurts and can shake to the very foundations and that it takes time to find firm ground again. But please, don't ever believe that you are not a gifted and talented artist, (and a wonderful person), because you are!

    I love how you pay attention to every detail. It's gorgeous how the roots embrace the dish from the inside and from the outside. Again magical, mystical, wonderful... Like an old treasure dug up from the roots of an enchanted tree.

  13. Beautiful, beautiful tree's almost hard to tell that they are wire at first glance.....
    reminds me of an old forgotten tree in an enchanted part of the forest.....
    As I reminded my 11 year old daughter who submitted her handmade wire necklace to the county fair this week, it is up to the judges who decide who gets ribbons or not, and it is only their opinion that decides. They don't ask the majority.....
    She did win the blue ribbon however.....but I don't think that has pleased her as much as all of the compliments she has gotten from people.
    I know you'll keep it up...
    Kim (Texas)

  14. You guys crack me up! I never expected all this response or concern on my behalf. It makes me think I should have come running to my Blog a week ago and cried on everyone's shoulder.

    You guys would have patched me up and had me back on my feet and spared me a week of moping!

    I swear my boo-boos have been properly kissed and it does take the sting away. lol

    Kim, please tell your daughter congratulations for me. I hope this win spurs her on to do even greater things!

  15. Your wire work was rejected??! I can't believe that! What website is this? I am so curious now. They rejected your work -- work that so many of us drool over, work that inspires so many of us. Seriously, like the others said, I wonder what do they accept? I really wish to see this site.

    That said, I know rejection hurts. I know it shouldn't. We should be above that, or not look to others for approval etc. But it still does hurt. Sending you hugs...lots of them. And have a good laugh imagining my really confused look thinking, "They rejected MARY'S work?? Huh??? What??".