Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Fairy Ring

I decided to work on something a little bit easier than my latest big ideas:) This is the enchanted circle where fairies gather.

All copper wire, coated to block oxidation. Onyx, carnelian and chalcedony gemstones.

Measure about 2 5/8" wide by 5/8" high


  1. That's a very beautiful and interesting fairy ring. Love the colors you used.

  2. Mary you mention about blocking the oxidization? Using what? Anyway this a very lovely pieces, reminding a basket in a jungle of trees.

  3. Emi, this past blog post of mine talks about the Protectaclear coating and there is a link to where you can buy it. So far I know 3 jewelry makers who use it and are happy with it

    and thank you!

  4. Dal, thank you very much. I was happy with the colors too, and I love textures:)

  5. oh Mary, this is precious. I just love it and the choice of gems is perfect.

  6. Mary, This is gorgeous. I can just picture the fairies gathering. The coiling, the tendrils and the stones all work so well together. Happy you have had a successful project although with all the work involved, it doesn't look but so easy. You do inspire me.
    Thank you, Christine

  7. Thanks Tam!!

    Christine, THank you! It was easier because the techniques used were not to much above my skill level. But just as time consuming and as much work as any of my projects! lol

  8. Wow! Wow Wow Wow!!!
    What a beautiful piece of art. Truly magical.

  9. Stunning and inspirational as always!

    'nuff said! :)