Thursday, September 23, 2010

Spiral Brooch

I continue to be fascinated by the spiral in all its forms, both open and closed, coiled, straight, flat or in 3d.

This brooch design allowed me to bring another idea to life without being thwarted by trinket boxes:) I wore it to the office today on a black top and it  feels unique and special;)


  1. This is beautiful! I can understand the unique and special feeling this piece holds. Spirals are fascinating as they can symbolize journey both inward and out.
    If you are thwarted by trinket boxes alas, I feel there is no hope for me with them!

  2. Christine, I like the symbolism of the spiral more and more:)

    I am only thwarted by advanced trinket boxes. If you want it bad enough, you can do the easier version I wrote tutorial for.

    Silly boxes have the appearance of being so easy, but execution is another matter all together!

  3. So, so beautiful. It looks like a fern frond.
    All your pieces have something magical about them.

  4. yes me too fond of spiral design. You can create endless pieces of art with it. Anyway the brooch is well done Mary, unusual!

  5. I too thought it looks like a fern. Looks lovely. Actually I love all this kind of stick pins/brooches you have made. They are all so gorgeous. But I haven't been able to figure out, how do you open them and wear them? Does the coil part on the end come off? If it does, how does it stay on when you put it back?

  6. Heike, when I was young I loved magical things like dragons, fairies and potion boxes. I find it so funny to see those same things come out in my work 25 years later...hehe

    Emi, thank you so much. Your own work is so beautiful, a good word from you means a lot!

    The spiral at the end of the chain slips off and on, just like a stick pin. I understand your concern about it slipping off, but this has never happened yet and it's more secure than you might think.

    I wrap the bottom spiral around the wire very tightly so that it fits snug. Sometimes, if I am worried I pinch one of the coils a little tighter with flat nose pliers so that it has an extra resistance to slipping on and off.

    Also to keep that clasp stiff I never use a gauge lower than 18g. Just try it and you'll see!

  7. I also love the gracefulness of the spiral and the closure is brilliant. Your designs are VERY desirable! :)

  8. This is sooo beautiful!!...i've only just found you on flickr and noticed that you haven't put anything on now for nearly a year!!'ve made sooo many beautiful things and i hope that you find where you feel you need to be soon so that we can see many more of your beautiful creations!;o)

  9. Sheree. Thank you for all your comments, I appreciated them;)

    Georgie! hehe you got your date wrong, Check your Flickr dates again and you'll see that I am posting in 2010!