Saturday, March 19, 2011

Jasper Cross Bangle

   A custom order bangle for a coworker. She also asked me to make a cross necklace if I could and I'm fiddling around with cross designs this weekend.

  I don't have much to say on the Blog lately. I did my taxes this week, and I had a contractor come in to replace my living room windows that are very very old. My daughter is having a house guest this coming on Monday.

   I am either worrying and fretting about stupid stuff or I have nothing going on in my mind at all:) See? Noone is missing out on anything:)

  I am progressing with my soldering skills, like the crosses shown here. I did get more work done on the bangle tutorial also.

  This will also be the second month in a row that I am making some money off this wire stuff:)

 If I really do make a cross necklace I'll post that soon.


  1. Mary good to hear that you have improvise your skills from time to time. Love the bangle !

  2. Beautiful bracelet...the crosses look great too!