Saturday, March 5, 2011

Marquise Ring 2

  I am having such a good weekend! The rings only take an afternoon to make, which leaves me time to clean my house and run my errands:)

  This ring is made from an antler button,

  Here is what they look like when worn:

And here is the back. I know you want to see that, but you're too polite to ask:)  rofl


  1. GORGEOUS! Exquisitely wonderful~~The precise wrapping, the design. You rock~!

  2. Wow are so inventive and your wraps are so well designed and clean.....every bend having it's catching your posts!

  3. Thank you Chris!! :))


    What you said about being well designed and bends having purpose... this very thing is what takes me so long when designing. The first ring took 6 hours to design but only 3 hours to make. I'm grateful that all those designing hours shine thru:) Thank you!!

  4. You're becoming more uber talented each day!
    And you're front and center today here...

  5. Beautiful ... whether your looking at the front or back.

  6. Thank you everybody! and thanks for the link Deb!

  7. This is so impressive as usual.
    I am not surprised that the design part takes you so long. Every single bend or thread as a purpose. WOW!

  8. oh, my, Mary..these are so beautiful!

  9. Hi Zulma! Thanks for coming by the blog:)

    Melissa, I'm so pleased you like the rings:)