Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bronze Brooch

  I've been very unproductive all week. So many things I feel I have to get done, and yet I don't get anything done at all.  I already have more custom orders, can you believe it?

  Tonight, I asked myself what I would do if I could make whatever I wanted, and this brooch was my choice. I think I am finally ready to start caging stones in my own style and this caging style is the direction I wish I had more time to explore.

  I love the pin backs I'm doing now. They look and operate more like a real piece of jewelry. Did I just say that? As if wire is not 'real jewelry'?  Forgive me, you know what I mean I hope!


  1. Mary, you make some of the "real-est" jewelry I have ever seen! I like that this pin is fine enough that it doesn't have to be relegated to just shawls or scarves. Gorgeous!

  2. hhhoooo...!!!! gorgeous...!!!

  3. Melissa, Thanks for the laugh, and the blog friendship:)
    This pin is good news for blouses everywhere:)

    Lulu!! Thank you!!!!

  4. You, lady, are the "Queen of Pins" of all sorts. You've made some of the best pins and brooches I have seen. This one usual....gorgeous!

  5. Mary,
    This is a beautiful pin. I love the way you are setting your gems too. This is a very lovely signature setting - lovely on both your rings and brooch/pendant settings. This brooch is stunning! I really like how you flattened the latch on your pin backing. Nice touch.
    I've only recenly begun to explore with fibulas. Though I have experimented with brooches in the past I was not necessarily happy with my results. However my fibulas have turned out great as of late - 'operating more like a real piece of jewelry' as you say, so I can really appreciate where you are coming from. The difference is not the *wire* - but rather my comfort and competence *with* the wire. :) I think I'm going to revisit constructing brooches again in the near future. :)

  6. Thank you Delia, I'd love to see some of your new fibulas!

    Thank you Swati!