Sunday, March 6, 2011


  The problem with ring making is that you can't know who to size the ring for. I would love to put some rings in my shop but it's very limiting if I make them all sized for me.

  I'm not a fan of adjustable rings but what else can I do?

Anyways, having tons of fun as you can see:)


  1. Mary....this one's adjustable...i think you may have the problem almost solved-design's a great beginning!

  2. these rings are one is the best ........ six great !!!!!

  3. This ring is magnificent!!!
    Very compliments!!!

  4. Sue, yeah it's a start, but I hope I think up a better idea:)

    Lulu, this is your favorite one? Thank you so much!!

    Clody , thank you!!

  5. I'm loving all the rings you are making. I face the same problems about rings. What size to make? Adjustable ones do tend to sell better for obvious reasons. I too like the sturdiness of non-adjustable ones better. But what can one do with this size confusion. I love rings, and would love to just make rings, rings and rings. But then what will I do with all of them? I just love how you have designed these. Once again, a very "Mary" touch to them all. Nothing that has already been done...they're off the beaten track, beautiful...very "Mary".

  6. Swati, dear old friend. it's so great to hear your voice:) You're a cup of cold water:)

  7. I think it's gorgeous and it looks great for being adjustable. The gap in the shank is not unattractive. The only other thing I could think of would be to bring each end of the shank all the way around and under the pearl but then it would be harder to adjust.

  8. Mary-
    I don't like adjustable rings much either, but I really like what you did with this one. I would wear one like this though! Swati is right-it mostly definitely has your touch to it!
    Kim (Texas)