Thursday, February 2, 2012

More Rings

  Here is the fixed ring. Adding the beads made a big difference for the design to feel complete.

Also, copper, sapphire, and garnet ring. The design was influenced by Iza's ring tutorial


  1. The beads are a definite improvement, although I liked the simplicity of the original. The second ring is just as gorgeous and so different from the first. Shows how versatile you are. :) I need to get some more ring cabs and make some rings, too- I haven't in a long time. My daughters are calling for them.... Thanks for inspiring :)

  2. Both of them are winners Mary! I love your take on Iza's tutorial and I love the changes on the lapis ring. Wonderful!
    Kim (Texas)

  3. mary, your muse is definately leading you to rings in a beautiful way. Amazing how different the lapis ring looks with the addition of beads. You are right, it looks complete and incredible with your flawless wire work.
    Love the stone combination in the 2nd ring. Again your wire work is outstanding. Both are unique in their design and composition. Well Done!!