Monday, February 13, 2012

Witch's Broom

  Experimenting with tubular twining. A practice piece I would normally throw away but found some redeeming charm by turning it into a broomstick:) It's kind of adorable and the messiness lends itself well to a witch's broom:) If only I could redeem all my practice pieces as well as this:)

Another ring effort of fine silver and amethyst


  1. Having finally just watched all the Harry Potter movies.... I must say, I rather like this little piece myself. I can see some gemmy things on the ends of broom. Instead of dustballs they'd be gemballs. LOL!

    The ring is superb! I love your style, Mary. Very organic. Your textures are always enviable. :)

  2. Lol Tela! I was thinking along the same lines---some gems to sweep up! Mary, love your rings--I love how different of a direction you take with them-so unique!
    You know i love the broom :)
    Kim (Texas)

  3. Now I am thinking I need a dustpan to go with my broom:) It would be adorable with some gemstones scatered on the ground:)

    Thank you Tela, and Thank you Kim!

  4. Oh and Christine.. I don't know why your comment disappeared. I think that may have happened before, but I didn't do it. I did get a copy in my email box though. Thank you!!!

  5. Please NEVER stop experimenting! The broom is darling and so is the idea to add some "dirty bits" to it! And the ring? It's awesome!!!

  6. I think it belongs with the witch's hat and the cat you made. =)

    <3 Debi