Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Always the Dilemmas

I hate camera's. As soon as one is pointed at me I clench up and get stiff. A picture of me smiling and looking natural is a rare artifact, and highly coveted by my mother. It is usually acquired by the photographer practically hiding in the bushes before the deer becomes aware and bounds away.

Today I did a self portrait for the first time ever. It looks like me. Everyone at work is strongly opposed to my showing this picture to you. "Too intense, too dark, to brooding and unfriendly", they say.

I do have a friend at the office who sometimes takes a picture of me. He usually chats me up and does his best to distract me which helps to get a smile on occcasion. He took a picture of me a year ago. They say it looks warm, friendly and safe. They want me to use that picture.

So I decided to show both faces:

Mary Tucker, Mechanical Designer, ordinary working girl, one year ago

Mary Tucker, The Angsty Artist, Proprietor of Wired Elements, this morning


  1. I absolutely love you as Mary Tucker, The Angsty Artist. You look very fabulous...;)

  2. Thanks Maggie:) I like the self portrait better too:)

  3. Mechanical designer? No wonder your wirework is so magnificently built! Cheers, Dawn