Monday, February 15, 2010

Long and Swingy

I've been sorting thru my jewelry supply stash and wondering what in the world to do with all these beads I have? Like most of us I started out as a beader and graduated to wire work. These days, I am lucky if I can get one focal bead placed on my wire wrapping, let along a whole strand!

I was truly stumped as to what to do with the beads, until the desire for something long and swingy paved the way to creation.

This is coco wood beads, sterling, denim lapis, dyed agate, hand knotted on hemp. The wire wrapped toggle has more lapis and iolite.
I love when all the threads of life come together and meet in one place. What I am, what I need, what I have, all come together to make me something long and swingy. Now I know what do with my beads. Hmm, how many clasps can I think up anyway?

This is about 44 inches long, a little too long, but I'm keeping it for myself, (these are my colors). It can be worn long or wrapped twice around the neck. The clasp can be shown off or hidden in the back.

Watch out beads, here I come!!


  1. Fabulous clasp! You might think about doing a tutorial on that. I think it would sell.

  2. You're right Nancy thanks! It does seem like good tute material;)

  3. I can't imagine hiding that beautiful clasp!