Friday, February 12, 2010

Correction to Spiral Locket Tutorial

I haven't known exactly how to handle this situation, but, Step by Step made a typo in Step 1 of the locket project that I feel will affect the outcome of the project.

The editors are very sorry that this tiny detail was missed and they have promised to post a correction on their website soon, and will also post a correction in the next issue of Step by Step. They were very professional and quick to offer a solution once it was pointed out to them.
(The east coast is snowed out right now, the editors will need some time until they can get into the office)

I am telling you, because I want to get the word out that you should not make this locket without the correction. It is too much of a time investment if you don't have the right data, in my opinion.
As soon as I see a posted correction on their site I will link to it here.

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