Sunday, February 21, 2010

In Search of the Perfect Wrap

What a week in wire it was. Lot's of wrappings and component making that led to nothing. Lot's of time investment that seemingly did not pay off.

I continue to make long swingy necklaces but with my major focus on wrapping one bead, or one clasp to perfection. Just one perfect wrap to slip in a long swingy silky strand of hand knotted beads.

I would love to make one perfect component that could equal the quality and beauty of an Iza Malczyk design. I have big dreams, don't I? That's a very high mountain to climb I know!

This necklace is made of lace agate, carved ebony wood, sterling, hematite, and lava stone. The length is 36 inches. The focal stone is wrapped on both sides so that it won't matter if it flips around when being worn.

A very happy event occurred this morning. I thought that maybe when I solder, I don't apply enough heat for long enough. I got out some silver from the waste bin and experimented with this and viola! I can finally melt good silver solder! There was much singing and dancing.

This was a major break thru for silly me! And after I did this I finally came to understand why pickling solution is so important - hehe- thank goodness I had some on hand;)


  1. It's absolutely gorgeous. The wirework on the focal bead is fabulous. I think I should quit aspiring to be Iza because noone else ever will be. :D

  2. hehe. I'm sure your right! But I do want to be the best I can be:) As she has also done for herself, 'be her best' :)