Saturday, June 5, 2010

Sterling Iolite Necklace

I managed to get another trinket box set into a necklace. It's very hard for me to photograph long necklaces or show them off well in my light box. I didn't really do it justice.

It's really kind of a sexy necklace. If a sexy lady comes by my house, I'll be sure to show you what it looks like on:)

My daughter is coming home from college in a week to live with me and continue college here in town, where it's cheaper:) So I am cleaning up the back bedroom so she can at least sleep upon arrival.

My parents are visiting right behind her arrival and I have to remember how to cook and use a kitchen properly, not for soldering, oxidizing, pickling, and so forth:)

Oh yeah, and the kitchen table needs to be used for eating, not the pile of beaded wire mess it is currently:)

The next week or two will be slow and dull on my blog. However, I still have tons of weaving ideas I am eager to try out. I would love to make some earrings using some of the fringes I have been making for necklaces. June is also the one year anniversary of this blog and I want to talk about that.

I'll be back to it all as soon as I can.


  1. It IS hard to take pictures of long necklaces. But if a sexy lady visits, then you can take pictures easily. LOL!! Its a beautiful necklace. Love the color...and of course, I love this style of boxes you make.

  2. It's a beautiful necklace Mary, and I do agree with you that it does look sexy!!! Can't wait for the sexy lady to take picture with it! ;)