Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Cleaning Up The Desk

Some pics of designs that never made it off my desk.

This heart was first of all, a failed cage design. Then it was turned into a pendant. After it was oxidized, the light blue sapphires didn't hold their color as well and I lost interested in it. I couldn't figure out how to finish it into a necklace either, so for now it just sits here with no love.

This trinket box was done recently, as an experiment in messy wire work. It is the exact same coiling weave that I always use, but done in an erratic and loose fashion. Doing it like this had the box completed very quickly.

One thing I love about this weave is that it is extremely strong. Even done messily, the box has a great deal of strength. You can drop it on the ground with no concern. Thrust it into the pocket of a pair of jeans and not worry about damaging it.

I don't know what I think about messy weaving. Many wire and fiber artists, far better than myself, use very messy and sloppy wire weaves. People seem to love it and it is considered art. I love looking at their messy weaves and find their work inspiring, but if I make a messy weave like that I feel horrified.

I think of this box as not as nice as my other work, and possibly a worthless trinket. But this messy box is just as good as the messy woven wire work that famous people sell and make books about. I'm thinking these strange and confusing thoughts about this box;)

This woman weaves beautifully with wire. I would really like to have some of her skill.


  1. I know what you mean about using a "sloppy" or freeform weaving technique. I feel the same way when I see another artist use a technique in a freeform way, I think theirs is beautiful and if I do it, I think mine is shoddy! LOL! That being said, I love your free form basket - it's just lovely!

  2. Thanks Cindy! Glad to see you here:)

  3. I completely agree with Cindy on this. I usually love to see work like this. That is, meant to be freeform NOT sloppy - there's a big difference! However, when I try it, epic fail! Your trinket is perfectly lovely!