Saturday, June 12, 2010

Morning Coffee

Saturday morning, my daughter is traveling home, due to arrive middle of the night or tomorrow sometime. The house is as clean as it's going to get before company arrives later this week.

The cat is fed and the coffee brewed. My pajama'd self drags coffee, wire and cutters back into bed with me to drink and think in quiet. And just to 'see what will happen' with the wire.
This basket weave coiled bead pendant is what happened:

Labradorite, black garnet, and fine silver:

Normally I use a 'lazy stitch' to connect my coils, but this time I tried the figure eight method. The figure eight stitch caused my wire to want to gap open where the stitch was made, rather than stay tightly coiled. But I still like it:)

I also tried some new tricks in my coiling inspired by Debora Muhl. A basket artist who uses coiling extensively. I could stare at this woman's gallery for hours!! Enjoy!


  1. Lovely Mary! I like to learn making coiling such as this sometimes...