Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Miniature Birdcage

Really busy at my house this week. My daughter has so much STUFF. We don't have a place for all her things in my tiny home and I am thinking up creative ways to store and organize.

My Mom has brought some basket projects for us to play with during her visit this week. We hope to learn new weaves, like Twining and Knotting. I want to try those weaves with wire after I learn them on a basket with her.

My Dad patiently endures 3 generations of women under one tiny roof!

This is an interesting free project which might interest my blog readers. It's a miniature birdcage woven from wire and thread. I don't think you have to use the thread at all to make it. Just use wire and make a pendant!


  1. I really love your work! Thank you for the link! Have a nice day. :)

  2. I keep meaning to tell you about a book I have where I learned plaiting, knotting, looping and twining. Its called Fabulous Woven Jewelry, and is by Mary Hettmansperger.

  3. Thank you Swati, I have that book. I love the textures in her work, but she does such a sloppy messy job of weaving that I did not see how beautiful and elegant woven wire can be until much later.
    When I say I'm learning, I mean I am trying to learn to do this my way, beautiful tight weaves with wire;)
    I still love the book though!