Saturday, August 21, 2010

Finishing Things..

I told my mother, "just because I've started using Facebook doesn't mean you will miss out on anything" (since she doesn't use it). Than I turned around and posted this finished design to Facebook, with no intentions to blog about it! Not on purpose mind you, just wasn't thinking:)

This is a pendant I did some time ago, inspired by Deborah Muhl basket artistry. I finally worked it up into a necklace.

I'm trying to also get an older silver trinket box reworked into a better necklace.

I also started another advanced coiling design that I can tell already won't work out, and I put a lot of hours into that. If I can work out these advanced ideas, I know I can make some really cool stuff. I'm motivated to work them out, but it's slow.


  1. oh Mary....this is stunning...I truly love the colours and every element to this....and I'm so glad you blogged....because I don't use facebook......

    How big is the focal bead you've used?

  2. Hi Tam! I prefer blogging over Facebook too:)
    This bead is 3/4" diameter.

  3. Mary,
    I used bing to hunt down Deborahs work and after a quick study of her work I can clearly see her influence in this piece. Very nice interpretation. :::thumbs up:::