Thursday, August 26, 2010

Steep Learning Curve

Here is another project that has not quite turned out as I hoped. I was inspired by a box Christine made at Jewelry Lessons. Christine had run out of copper wire and so had turned to some green florist wire in her eagerness to make a trinket box.

Every time I look at her box I see forest vines and trees climbing up the spirals in some chaotic fashion. I was determined to bring that inspiration to life and this is my first try.

There are two requirements that my designs must meet. They must be structurally sound, and also aesthetically pleasing. This design misses the mark on both accounts, but I am still hooked on the vine idea and I still want to incorporate this idea of an erratic weave up the spiral.

Everything I want to make is advanced for me and taxing my wire abilities. I'm a bit frustrated right now, because my ideas take so many hours to complete and than to miss the mark on 3 projects in a row is hard on my self confidence.

But what can I do? I really want a Sea Trumpet, a Vine Box, and my other project is to do a trinket box in an oval shape. I have no idea how long this learning curve is going to last. I don't even know if this is just a learning curve, or am I missing the signs that say 'Road is out ahead, turn around" lol


  1. Buck up, Mary -- advanced is good, albeit frustrating. Working only toward what you can already accomplish leads only to mediocrity and boredom.

    Think of how many people you've inspired already with [1] your creative designs and [2] your honesty in discussing (and photographing) the inevitable misshapen failures!

    I say, "Don't stop!" Each step that you take forward will always be along that steep learning curve. The road feels steepest when you are walking using your longest strides. :)

  2. My strides are veeery long right now! heehee

  3. Keep going !! Don't turn around!! There is something beautiful at the end of the road---promise!
    Kim (Texas)

  4. Mary, Your work is so inspiring to me, please don't stop. I am feeling my work is not turning out as I want so to hear you feel the same way, although I am sorry you do, gives me heart!
    I think on this piece maybe more vines and less regular wraps?? Happy my first try sparked an idea! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and your amazing creativity. Christine

  5. I agree, forward is the only option;) Even though I do feel like someone hip deep in a swamp!!hehe

  6. I think your work is stunning, and this is no exception, having our abilities taxed is a good thing, how would we ever advance with out it, practice makes perfect as they say

  7. Your work is gorgeous and this is no failure for sure! It may have not turned out as you hoped but it is nevertheless beautiful. And your trumpet made my heart miss a beat. Each time your work amazes and inspires me Mary, and I want to see more. So please keep going.

  8. Lynsey and Heike, thank you both for your comments! They mean a lot to me!

  9. SEE!? I was not kidding when I said your trumpet made my heart race. Heike felt it too. I appreciate that you share your ups and downs, both regarding your work and your confidence in your abilities. Trust me dear, you have plendy of ability. My Muse has been on a high since my first visit to you blog. Don't ever quit ... because you raise the bar for yourself so high, I know you can and WILL accomplish many great things now and in the future.