Saturday, August 28, 2010

Self Critique and Play

I'm a little concerned that my last post came across more severely then I meant it to. I didn't mean to suggest that my last two projects were complete failures or that I hated them totally. Both projects are not ones I would offer for sale because they did miss my standards for selling on various accounts. However, I did think both projects had a lot of exciting ideas going on and tons of potential.

My frustration and lack of confidence at the moment, is in regards as to how to improve what went wrong so that they can meet my standards. The two techniques I use for creating and weaving spirals are not serving me well on my new designs. That means I need to break new ground technique wise. When breaking new ground, there is always the niggling doubt as to whether there is a solution to be found at all;)

When I said I was discouraged, I had only meant I was discouraged over these particular ideas, and unsure about finding a solution, not with all of my wire work.

When I first began to openly share my self critique, I was a bit worried about how it would be perceived by others. I want you to know that I critique my work because I genuinely want to improve and do excellent work. It fills my heart with joy to have a well made design in hand;) So I always strive for that.
I would also like you all to know, that I love my own work. I used to think that other peoples work was more interesting and inspiring than my own. I have grown so much this last year that I find my own work to enthrall me and excite me, more than other peoples work. I never thought that I would ever feel that way.

Today I decided to only play with the wire and test out ideas. Self discipline to commit to any project is in short supply at the moment;)

These wire projects might appear to all be the same, but each one is slightly different and each one experimented with a different technique to create it. This is my attempt to manage an oval shape that is also curving.

And now I think I should take a walk or do something different and give my poor brain a break;)


  1. I have been in the same place as you recently, like today. My confidence is myself is at an all time low right now. I am doubting my abilities every step of the way. I have a new torch at home...i know how to use a torch...but the fear of ruining what I'm working on is a major player in my head. I guess I have to push through it and learn something....I'm taking it slow....but I'm taking it! I want things to be perfect i understand your frustration. All I can do is my best work for now....I just need to be ok with that.

  2. Dala,
    That's the problem with much of our work, there is no eraser;) hehe
    When I have spent 10 hours on a beautiful weave I dread the moment of doing the hinge and the clasp. I delay and procrastinate that part out of fear it will ruin my efforts.
    You must really love what you are working on right now! I understand your fear.

  3. I did not understand all your post because of my poor english. But I guess that your mind is full of thoughts and you are thinking too much :-).
    May be you have to focus your attention on your heart and on your body and let your inspiration speaks then the solution will appear!

  4. Francesca, I believe you are right;) Thank you!

  5. Francesca is right, sometimes we get too stuck in our heads. Part of what makes your work so amazing is the fact that you set such high standards for yourself. The love of your work shows through in every piece.

    Comments on your last post were just giving support and I believe understand you aren't giving up what you out of your head and into your soul. I look forward to seeing what comes next. Christine

  6. Christine, Thank you for your reassuring feedback from the other side of the blog;) I appreciate it!

  7. Hiya Mary! Just coming here to give you a hug :-). I have no wise words. Just the same stuff....that I love your work! LOL! ((((hugs))))