Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Medicine Woman

I've always had doubts about this design and never quite connected with the end result.
You can see what it used to look like here:

Somewhere in the design process a 'should' creapt into my thinking. I should have some bright copper pieces available for potential buyers. I shouldn't be selfishly designing to please myself. I should think of other people's wants.

It's funny how such ideas can creep in unawares, even in lifes nonessentials like jewelry design.

The entire necklace came to life for me after I finished my intentions and she spoke clearly enough to give me her name. Meet the Medicine Woman.

I left the copper extra dark in some spots and did not evenly polish. I used the Protectaclear coating for the first time and loved it! This product is supposed to keep the copper from oxidizing any further. Before I can offer it for sale I want to see how she looks in a few weeks to be sure that I used the product correctly.

Though my attachment to this design has gone up 100% and I'm not entirely sure I want to part with her.


  1. Perfectly shocking! It looks so different from your latest, and yet... and yet... and yet I see spirals. Wide, spacious spirals, little eensy-weensy spirals, they're everywhere.

    Nice piece, and I really like the way it comes apart, so it's really TWO pieces!

    Most especially, I'm glad you like it -- her, I mean :)

  2. This is an extraordinary piece Mary! The basket weaving is so finely made.. and the, seems flawless! Love all the details...

  3. just stunning all the elements to this and see how you'd have a hard time parting with it. Such detail....truly beautiful.

  4. Mary, This piece speaks to me on many levels. The weaving is gorgeous. I think you should keep her as long as you want. At some point, you may be ready to set her free. Should is a word I wish we could banish as it creeps in too many times. Thank you for continuing to inspire. Christine

  5. That guy at the top names John is my brother. He's got me tongue tied at them moment - hehe. He's a great supporter of mine:)

    Maggie, it's so good to see you aroudnthe blog world again. Welcome back!

    Tamara and Christine, thank you. I'm wearing the Medicine Woman right now, someone has to test drive her;)

  6. Mary this is amazing, i love how you combine the pieces together..It had been so long to see a person use the classic wire techniques like Lynn Merchant..glad that you bring it back!

  7. Emi, I love Lynne Merchant. I so glad you see her here and in my work!

  8. So different from what you have been making, and yet so beautiful. Very feminine...I love it. And so wonderful to have a supportive brother!