Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Trumpet

I spent most of my weekend working on this trumpet shaped box. It's been in my heart for a month now.

On Friday night I spent 4 hours just trying to figure out how I would construct it. Then Saturday I set out on the project with low hopes. Then I had very high hopes as it was working out OK. Than I got to the 'hinge from hell' SOB!!

I'm utterly wire exhausted. Maybe in a few days I will consider trying this VERY challenging project again.

On a lighter note... When I first started wire wrapping I had a very low view of the spiral. I thought the spiral was a 'necessary evil', or 'for baby wire wrappers'.
I get such a chuckle when I think of how horrified my younger self would be if she were told that all her best designs were going to be centered around a spiral:)

When I designed the Spiral Locket a year ago, I had only come to tolerate the spiral. Somewhere along the way I came to like it, and now I fully embrace it! Who knew?


  1. This is awesome Mary! I admit *sheepish grin* that I was getting bored with the coils, but this one has me lit up! It looks great -- don't give up.

    You will conquer the "hinge from hell".

  2. Wow! This one took my breath away. Thank you for the inspiration. One day I will try this out.
    I love the spiral! :)

  3. your work is absoloutly amazing, this one is lovley

  4. I love this new box, it was well worth the angst!! It looks like a little sea creature.As for spirals, I am a huge fan of spirals too LOL

  5. Hi John! Thanks for writing it was good to see you here:)

    Mei and Lynsey, thank you so much!

    Sam, you put spirals to good use in your work!

  6. Ohmygosh - I want to hold it in my cupped hands and wait to see what it does. It does seem to me like some fantastic cocooned or shelled creature.

  7. Yeah, you guys have convinced me it is more sea creature than trumpet:)

  8. What an absolutely wonderful piece Mary! I'm laughing at what you are saying about spirals. I've embraced them since the beginning because I love what they symbolize, but have always wondered if others thought they were a cop out of sorts. Hmmm... LOL :)
    Gorgeous work as usual!

  9. Looks like a sea shell to me too :-D. And it is one GORGEOUS piece!!!

  10. Ah she's a beautiful one---it does hold magic, does it not??
    love seeing your work...
    Kim (Texas)

  11. Shay, probably some do view it as a cop out! But maybe we can change that;) hehe

    THank you Swati!

    Kim, it can't hold any magic because the craftsmanship is too poor and the magic just leaks out:) The next one will hold the magic inside - lol

  12. Mary this is very pretty, love the shape of this piece and the stones you've added to it.

  13. Mary, this is wonderful! It looks like a beautiful sea creature.
    I love the shape, the woven silver "back" of the shell (where the clasp is) and the stones. It's a gorgeous piece!

  14. Oh my! Mary! It's amazing! My heartrate actually went up when I saw it. It certainly looks like it was a challenging project - and you met it beautifully. Love the contrast in materials: copper/silver/pyrite.

    You are a constant source of inspiration.

    Delia Stone

  15. Delia, I love to hear that your heart rate went up! lol

    This project is much more challenging than it may appear. It really doesn't close right:(

    I have new wire coming and will attempt it again, and make my improvements;)

    Heike, when are we going to see a trinket box from you? I don't want to miss it!

  16. Yup, thanks to your blog I met my low cardio requiment for the day. Who needs exercise when they have your blog to drool over? lol

    I wanted you to know that I added your blog to my blog roll on my wordpress blog. Now there's a permanent link to you on my page. :) Just a thank you for all the inspiration I have recieved from you. :)

  17. Thank you Delia!! I love traffic:)

  18. This looks positively *magical!* WOWweeee!!!