Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Copper 3 Ways

  Last sea urchin for a while. Using coral beads.

In Bright:


Polished oxidized:


  1. Mary, Your urchins are so life life, they look like they should be bobbing in the sea. Amazing how the personality changes through the oxidation process. I like the finished polished one the best.
    I am trying to stimulate my muse by channeling you, I have twined a little basket and now am working on a trinket box.
    Sorry we won't be seeing any more urchins for awhile as they make me smile!

  2. I'll bet the basket is adorable. Don't allow the trinket box to drive your muse away:)) They can be so frustrating to make!

  3. Lovely sea urchins, the oxidised one is my favourite.