Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Peruvian Opal Carnelian Wrapped Necklace

  I didn't know what to do with myself this week, so I turned to my pile of unfinished projects.

I had begun this necklace months ago and agonized over the original color choice of carnelian and amethyst. I like the peruvian opal much better. It has a wonderful luxurious richness while also being natural and down to earth.

Peruvian opal, carnelian, yellow jade, amazonite, silk, and sterling


  1. Ohhhhhhhhh YOU made this! Someone else had shared it on FB I guess...I am forgetting who, but I LOVED it, and commented there. Or did you post it from your jewelry page? LOL...I don't remember who posted it, but I remember loving this necklace. Now I come here and see its your work :-))). No wonder :-))).

    Last night I was dreaming of buying lots and lots of Carnelians, Carnelian colored pearls, and then wondering how to make a necklace with it all. LOL!

  2. Swati, yes I did post on FB:) lol Last night I dreamed that I went to some tropical island just for the weekend. I was proud of myself, because even though I didn't have time, I went ahead and did something I have always wanted to do, even if just for a moment. And I went all alone too. Seemed like a good omen dream to me:))

    Thanks for loving it, you made me laugh:))

  3. I love the wire work around the beads! I've never seen anyone do that before, and it looks really cool.

    I also love the colors you picked -- they're just perfect together. :)

  4. Mary, When you go to the tropical island, you must wear this necklac. The colors are perfect for a mermaid.
    The wire work and the colors combine to make an outstanding piece!

  5. Thank you Sarah, I'm glad people are liking the colors.

    Christine, it's perfect for the beach stroll yes:) The more I look at this necklace online, the more I don't like the amazonite beads on the bead caps. I have some emerald that might look better but I was afraid it would steal the show from the large beads.
    Is it just me? Or is it not quite working?

  6. The combination is not one I would think to put together yet from the photo, it looks like it works and really compliments the Peruvian opal. The emerald would definately compliment the carnelian but I think you may be right about it stealing the show. Hmmmm...