Thursday, January 19, 2012


   I can't really predict what I will make from one moment to the next these days. My muse is as erratic as my life feels.

  With family staying with me this week I suddenly decided it was possible to make rings while having company at the same time. They can be woven while chatting or picked up to work on for an hour or dropped quickly mid design if need be.

  The above ring is a victorian garnet glass button with sterling and fine silver. I didn't get to run it through the tumbler because my mother (the button collector) just happened to have a book about buttons with her and gave me a quick course in the care of vintage buttons. Water is a no-no for victorian glass.

Also chalcedony and copper


  If I hadn't been under the gun time-wise, I would not have thought to make these rings. I hope to play with the design more. We will see if the muse allows that:)


  1. love these - especially the copper one :)

  2. Gorgeous! Love both of the rings but the black and silver is my fav!
    I'm so glad that you were able to work with company. I could have never done those while talking! Probably never whether talking or not! LOL!

  3. Your muse is an amazing creature! She keeps you on your toes yet comes up with incredible ideas. Love the rings and so happy you/she could work with company. The silver with the vintage button is very cool. The woven shank is outstanding. Great save by your Mom to keep the button out of water. I also really like the copper with the chalcedony. Looking forward to seeing where your muse next leads you!

  4. Thank you Shelby!

    Christine, I guess and erratic mermaid fairy is a good thing to have:)

  5. Mary, these rings are incredible!!! They boggle my mind. :)

  6. An erratic mermaid/fairy is wonderous as she can take you swimming or flying or anywhere inbetween!

  7. Lovely rings! I have always loved woven rings.