Saturday, January 7, 2012


  Not to make you is 8pm in Los Angeles and my front door is wide open to the 70 degree weather outside. The almost full moon shines down on this city and the Santa Ana winds are blowing through the trees and somone's wind chimes make an occasional happy tinkle.

  It's the kind of night where you feel that anything can happen. And I've just pulled my weeks work from the tumbler.

Steel, silverfill, sterling and peruvian opal

Steel hoop, sterling, fine silver, shell and rhodochrosite

I have no idea what the heck I will do with either one.

Oh and that octopus is less that 2 inches!! His head part is only 1/2 inch.


  1. Ohmigosh... sea critters!!!

    They're just precious, and so well-made. I especially love the little octopus.

  2. Love both of them. The octopus is really cute!!

  3. Ok, you made me jealous! I am in love with your sea critters. The intricate weaving in such small spaces is incredible. Each piece has a personality that glows from within. Has your muse become a mermaid??

  4. very Wonderful......!!!!! amazing...!

  5. Beautiful! Your description of the evening lends itself to the creatures. I get the sensation of seeing these critters on a full moon, in the shallow surf, on warm summer night. Very evocative, thank you! :) BTW, here in Virginia we're having some lovely Spring weather- nice, but kinda freaky.

  6. Thank you every for your comments. I would like to do a slightly better octopus.

    Christine, that is so funny about the mermaid!! lol

  7. Stunning, stunning, stunning. I've loved every piece in your aquatic series.

  8. Love them Mary!!!
    kim (Texas)
    who is currently sitting by the fire waiting on a snowstorm......

  9. Gosh, they are adorable! I love them both, but the octopus is to die for.
    And yes, you made me jealous!