Saturday, January 28, 2012

Copper Labradorite Ring

  I really like how this one turned out. It has a perfect ring fit and a beautiful labradorite stone.

  It's also unusual for me because it has an undrilled stone. I always feel somewhat amazed when I successfully set a cabochon. I never really believe I'll be successful at the the start of the project:)


  1. Mary, I don't know what to say. I'm floored. This is just so stunning and perfect in every way. The cab looks so snug and fitted next to those gorgeous spirals. I think the spirals really make this. They give the whole piece an Aztec look. Really wonderful. :)

    (First time I've been able to post in awhile and I can't do it as me!)

  2. Thank Tela! I'ts so important to have a snug stone right? Your stones are always set perfectly, so I appreciate your comment:)

    I agree it looks Aztec.

  3. Mary- I love it! I agree with Tela's comment so I'm not going to say much more, but that I LOVE IT!!!!
    Kim (Texas)

  4. Mary, This is beautiful! Love the woven shank and how the weaving extends around the cab. The cab does look snug which is a good thing!
    Gorgeous stone and a gorgeous ring! Well Done!

  5. What a beauty!! I love it Mary!! Are you selling it or keeping it? One day you should write your book...I know you'll laugh because I have said it so many times. But someone as creative as you, with zillions of pretty designs in her mind can easily write a book.

  6. Swati, I would love to write a book. but I hear it is a lot of work and doesn't pay well:((

  7. Mary, this is a wonderful ring, perfect made, can you think to make a tutorial for it? I would buy, it is great, may I ask you: is the stone drilled?
    well done as always!!

  8. Thank you very much Mawe! I will think about a tutorial. This stone is not drilled, this style works best with a flat back cabochon.